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Leírás és Paraméterek

GT15Q supports reading DPM (Direct Part Marking)

GT15Q supports reading DPM (Direct Part Marking)

2D code marked directly can be read in the plastic and the Base easily and consistently.

Improved reading ability

The reading performance of an inferior printed code is improved by installing preprocessing(filter)function.

The reading performance of an inferior code to print is improved by installing preprocessing (filter) function.

Equipped with the latest algorithm that an read printed bad code

Equipped with the latest algorithms to read a poor quality code.

Multi code support

Multi code support

Quickly scans QR code and other 2D as well as 1D barcode.

Equipped with a wide range of scanning functions

Equipped with a wide range of scanning functions

Drop Test Standard

Drop Test Standard

High standard of impact resistance due to a new stronger body and a design which incorporates impact rubber for added protection.

Splash and Dust Proof to Meet IP54 Standards

Splash and Dust Proof to Meet IP54 Standards

Passes IEC International Standards Protection Class IP54(equivalent to JIS splash resistance). High level of protection for use in rugged environments. Splash and Dust Proof to Meet IP54 Standards.

High functionality

Simplified programming function

Code matching

Code matching example:

Code matching example

Provides 1 to n, 2-point and 3-point matching

Data compilation

Supports various data compilation such as Scanned data rearrangement, data clipping,etc.

Data compilation
  • Decoded data : 0123456789
  • GT15Q-HR data output : 789


  • Four arithmetic operations(including reside calculation such as conversion of units, etc)
  • String comparison(support for wildcard specification)
  • LED display, buzzer control, etc

Magic key function

Choice of scanning method for user use

Magic key

  • Switch reading code switch of ON/OFF of the preprocessing function.
  • Switch auto sense switch of two codes specified beforehand for reading.
  • Switch specification character forwarding of trigger mode and auto sense mode.
  • The arbitrary character string registered beforehand is transmitted.


Scanning Area Marker

Scanning Area Marker

Laser illumination of scanning area and center of scanning area.

3 color Extra-bright LED

3 color Extra-bright LED

Easy to see scanner information.

Vibrator Function

Scan completion confirmed with vibration.

Adjustable Buzzer Volume

3 levels of buzzer volume to suit the surrounding environment.

Double action trigger switch

The marker is lit by a trigger switch half push, and because it is possible to read it by all pushes, the aim reading of the code is easy.

Configuration Software

Simple Setup with Easy to Use Software

Simple installation setup software included Scanner Setting

Step 1

Install method 1

Provides simple parameter setting called Scanner Setting.

Step 1

Install method 1

Sets up outputting QR code for batch scanning by using Scanner Setting, and scanning with GT15Q-HR.

Utility Software for Easy Programming

GT15Q is readily available by using the QR_kbif(Keyboard interface software) that allows easy programming without the need to create a serial communication program.

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