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Leírás és Paraméterek

New technology improves scanning performance

New and improved Technology

Featuring new technology software for improved reading of high density (narrow bars/spaces), poorly printed (coarse printing) barcode. A scanning increased depth of field with snappy scanning response improves operator efficiency.

Supports scanning of GS1 Databar

GS1 Databar GS1 Databar
GS1 Databar Stacked
GS1 Databar Stacked Omnidirectional
GS1 Databar Truncated
GS1 Databar Limited GS1 Databar Limited
GS1 Databar Expanded GS1 Databar Expanded
GS1 Databar Expanded Stacked


High quality, high durability, and high environmental resistance to ensure extended lifetime

Drop resistant

The magnesium alloy frame gives even our large-screen models the drop resistance demanded in transportation, logistics, and field service.

Drop resistant

Environmental resistance

High-quality technologies give the terminals an IEC international standard IP protection level of 54.

Ease of use

Designed for ease of replacement


In addition to a high-capacity standard battery (2,200 mAh), a extended high-capacity battery (3,800 mAh) is available as an option. The BHT-700B-CE can operate 8 hours or more with a continuous wireless connection.

Thorough support for long-term outdoor use

In addition to high-capacity battery, we offer a lineup of in-vehicle chargers (optional), enabling field work without the concern over remaining battery charge.

Improved easy battery insertion

The battery and cover are a single unit, making changing battery easier, quicker and more efficient.

Insert battery with a single action

Insert battery with a single action

Ergonomic design

  • Slim, ergonomically sound design

    Just 40 mm thick, with a shape that facilitates operation

Press "Scan"

Despite the PDA shape, designed especially for one-handed operation


The scan key is placed in the center of the keyboard, making it easy to perform basis operations like a "press Scan" with one hand.

Best-in-class high-spec CPU

Fast CPU allows you to work faster

Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 installed. The CPU is a best-in-class PXA270 624 MHz. Combined with a 128 MB of RAM, this handy terminal is much faster and easier to use than other models.

Easy operation via touch screen

  • Intuitive operation by touching menu icons
  • Popup keyboard enables quick text entry using the touch screen


Built-in high security, wide coverage wireless

Supports IEEE802.11a/b/g

Supports IEEE802.11a/b/g despite the compact body. IEEE802.11a avoids wireless interference, even in environments where multiple wireless devices are in use.

Supports IEEE802.11a/b/g

Wireless LAN security

In addition to a conventional WEP key, the built-in WPA/WPA2 features -- even more reliable security technology -- prevents illegal access and snooping.

Wireless LAN security

High-output wireless module expands coverage

The high-output 802.11b/g wireless module provides about 2x the communication range of conventional models (compared to Denso BHT-200B-CE). It gives more stable connections, and helps reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing the number of access points needed.

Select the security level matching your security policy

Select the security level matching your security policy


EDGE together with WLAN provide seamless connectivity outside and in-house. Mobile worker enable to tap into information in real time at any place and allow companies to deploy mobile workers to the right place effectively

Voice features

VoIP support with built-in receiver & microphone

VoIP support with built-in receiver & microphone

Equipped standard with microphone and receiver needed for voice over IP (VoIP) voice calls. Work more efficiently by making calls in the shop, and checking loads in the warehouse via voice call.

Use voice commands and voice input via headset

Wireless connection (Bluetooth)

  • Wireless connection

Warehouse and back-yard picking is more efficient using hands-free Voice Picking voice commands/voice input.

  • Bluetooth connection

Headset communication with wireless connection (Bluetooth) possible.


Easily view large amounts of information. Built-in 3.5 QVGA color LCD

Large 3.5" screen

Large 3.5

The large screen enables viewing of large lists of information, including shipping lists

Built-in color LCD

Built-in color LCD

  • Intuitive, clean and clear color display
  • Display corporate logo or product images

Share screens with other models

  • QVGA is compatible with the BHT-200/400 series, making it possible to share screen designs
  • Applications using a web browser interface is possible

Development tools

The BHT-700B-CE supports various developer tools

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Visual C#

Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003

  • Microsoft Visual Basic .Net 2003
  • Microsoft Visual C# .Net 2003

Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++4.0

(HP) Software Development Kit for Windows CE version BHT(Free)

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