DENSO BHT 1500 Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
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Leírás és Paraméterek

Basic functions packed into the compact body

Lightest-in-class compact body

BHT-1500 series has a light, compact and highly portable body weighing just 128 grams, the lightest in the industry among handheld terminals in the same class. This helps maximize productivity as the operators can use the device for lengthy periods with no physical strain on themselves.

Largest-in-class 2.0-inch color liquid crystal screen

BHT-1500's compact body is equipped with a 2.0-inch QVGQ colour liquid crystal screen, the largest among handheld terminals in its class. The ensures that application screens and product images are displayed very clearly helping reduce operator errors.

Quick scanning performance

With its unique scanning angle and high performance barcode reader the BHT-1500 series users can scan barcodes while viewing the screen, enabling efficient work in the field.

Excellent operability. Contoured body with well laid out keys

The ergonomically designed BHT-1500 sits comfortably in your hand and well positioned keys enable single handed use.

Excellent durability

Since the BHT-1500 series is resistant to drops from a height of 2.0 meters, you can use it for daily operation with peace of mind.

Reliable even when accidents happen

Should the battery be disconnected, the transaction function automatically restores the device to the previous status in the application. the flash file system will retain inputted data without the need for batteries, ensuring relable device performance and confidence your data will not be lost.

A microSDHC card can be used as an external memory

When you need to store large files or increased data a microSDHC card can be used providing peace of mind.

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