DENSO BHT 1400 Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
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Leírás és Paraméterek

Designed to deliver maximum productivity from your field force.

The 3.2-inch WVGA large screen enables easy operation

The high resolution BHT-1400 display ensures crystal clear visibility of your applications whether indoors or outdoors in bright sunlight.

Operates in any environment IP65 rated

The BHT-1400 series has an IP65 rating and so can be relied upon to perform well even in the harshest of operational environments.

Highly durable, impact-resistant design

Durable polycarbonate is used for the BHT-1400 series to achieve best-in-class impact resistance. The BHT-1400 is designed to resist multiple drops during daily operations giving operators peace of mind about integrity of the product.

Ergonomic design facilitates easy single-handed operation

The BHT-1400 series is designed under the concept of “large screen model perfect for single handed operation.” The construction in the center of the grip makes it easier to hold and at the same time enables easy one-thumb operation. To further improve single handed operability, this product also has a nonslip grip for greater control.

Extended operational capability from improved power save features

The unique power saving design enables continuous operation for up to 30 hours even when the wireless function is always enabled. This reduces the need for frequent charging and minimizes operational downtime

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