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A godsend for field operations!

but easy to use

Compact, but easy to use
· Each model’s body is more than 15% thinner, lighter and smaller.
· Design was sought for functional beauty that also allows comfortable operation despite size constraints.
· Dome-shaped keys are used, which can be operated
easily by workers wearing work gloves.

Distinctive displays even
in bright sunlight

Distinctive displays even in bright sunlight
· A high-visibility LCD, High-Bright Display, is used.
· A wide viewing angle, and therefore, enhanced visibility
from oblique angles is realized.

Unique power-saving design
enables extended operation time.

Long operation possible even when the unit is kept online· Operation time longer than Windows-OS model.
· Unique power-saving design enables best-in-class long-time operation of 42 hours even when continuously connected by wireless.

Ready for use with simple
business application software.

· A simple business application software (Easy Pack Ad) allowing collection
of actual records for inventory and inspection plus 1:1/1:n collation is
included as standard equipment.
· No other devices are required for data transmission.

battery-powered terminal

· Even in the case of sudden loss of battery power, commercially-available dry-cell batteries can be used.

What makes workers in field operations feel like using the model?

In retail/wholesale fields

In retail/wholesale fields

It can be held comfortably even by
women, and its aesthetics enable it to fit in anywhere with style.

In distribution/manufacturing fields

In distribution/ manufacturing fields

Round-the-clock use of the model, which
is compliant with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, is
possible while it is operated online.
The model’s robust durability ensures
accurate use in tough work environments
with peace of mind.

  1. Compared to Denso Wave’s BHT-800Q when a thin battery is mounted in respective 2D code models.
  2. Ratio of scanning: wireless communication: screen update: standby = 1:1:1:20 under continuous wireless WAN connection. For barcode model with a standard battery.
  3. A dry-cell adapter is separately required.
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